Rand Paul Says He and Trump Are “Closer to an Agreement on Healthcare”

Earlier today, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and President Trump hit the back nine together to polish their golf swings and chat about healthcare.

Their meeting came as a shock to many, coming off the heels of President Trump’s recent comments critical of the House Freedom Caucus.

A few weeks ago, Rand Paul and the Freedom Caucus rallied enough opposition to Paul Ryan’s Obamacare replacement plan to dismantle the bill altogether.

Immediately following the bill’s demise, President Trump took to Twitter to criticize the Freedom Caucus, stating that “we must fight them” in 2018. This prompted concern in the Republican Party over where the president’s allegiance lies.

While the bill was still on the table, President Trump threatened to leave Obamacare in place if Republicans wouldn’t vote for Ryan’s bill, insinuating they would have to take it or leave it. This led many to believe Trump’s healthcare deliberations had come to a conclusion.

But Trump shocked Americans again today after going golfing with the libertarian-leaning Senator from Kentucky to resume talks over healthcare. And according to Senator Paul, the talks went swimmingly, and him and the President are “getting closer to an agreement on health care.”