Bernie Sanders Roasted by Commenter on MIT Facebook Page

Image: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Earlier today, the economically illiterate Bernie Sanders spoke at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sanders discussed the usual, touching on healthcare, his disdain for President Trump, and his misunderstanding of basic economic principles.

Sanders, at one point, told the audience that, “The future of this country will be and must be based on a progressive vision.”

Though the school has a heavy left-leaning demographic, one commenter on MIT’s Facebook page wasn’t so thrilled that Sanders came to speak on campus.

Michael Plante warned that welcoming Bernie’s ideas is truly frightening, since socialism is “one of the most failed economic systems in human history.”

We’re glad at least one guy at MIT gets it. Considering the school houses some of the world’s most intelligent minds, we can only hope that more learn basic economics and wake up to the failures of socialism.