Trump Tweets at Rand Paul over Obamacare Replacement Bill

Earlier this evening, President Trump posted the following to his Presidential Twitter account.

This comes days after Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was locked out of the Obamacare replacement meeting by armed guards when he tried to see what was in the bill.

Other liberty minded Republicans have come out against the replacement, such as Justin Amash of Michigan. Amash tweeted the following:

The bill keeps key Obamacare provisions, such as protection for those with preexisting conditions and allowing those to stay on their parents’ plan up until the age of 26. Tax hikes against the wealthy will be cut. It also gets rid of the individual mandate that people must be insured, and subsidies will be based on age rather than income.

Senator Paul has yet to directly respond to President Trump’s tweet.

You can read the proposed bill here