Tomi Lahren Reportedly Suspended by The Blaze After Pro-Choice Remarks

Image credit: BET

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren sparked controversy again last week after her appearance on The View.

Lahren, a young television analyst for The Blaze, told the panelists on The View that she is pro-choice, and alluded that it is hypocritical for conservatives to be for small government, yet want the state to ban abortions.

Just days later, Lahren’s show has been suspended The Blaze.

According to The Daily Caller;

“Lahren’s show is suspended for effect for at least one week starting Monday, according to TheDC’s sources. A source with direct knowledge of the situation previously told TheDC that Lahren’s contract with the company goes until September, but that she may leave the company before then.”

Lahren’s suspension comes amid a wave of backlash from the conservative community after her pro-choice remarks on The View, as many prominent voices were unhappy with her comments.