Paul Ryan Lies to American People in Press Conference

House Speaker Paul Ryan (WI-1) said during a press conference regarding the GOP health bill today, “I’m also proud of the long inclusive member driven process that we had. Any member who wanted to engage constructively to offer ideas to improve this bill, they could.”

Well, Mr. Speaker, that is false.

It appears Paul Ryan has a short memory. Earlier in March, Republicans locked out Senator Rand Paul as he tried to enter the room where GOP members were creating the failure known as the American Health Care Act. Rand Paul hilariously walked around Washington with a copy machine, which had its own twitter handle created (@randpaulcopier), demanding he see the bill.

Rand Paul has his own plan, which is only four pages long. If the GOP wants the support of the Freedom Caucus and a real solution to the healthcare industry, then they will support Rand’s bill.