Football Player Excited for Raider Move Since Nevada Has No State Income Tax

Image credit: Paul Chinn / San Francisco Chronicle

It was announced yesterday that the NFL approved the Oakland Raiders to relocate their team in Las Vegas, Nevada. The move comes just months after the San Diego Chargers announced they will be moving to Los Angeles, California.

While Raider fans have reason to be disappointed to see their team depart, Raider players, conversely, have a greater reason to be thrilled by the move.

California’s highest marginal income tax rate is 13.3%, but Nevada has no state income tax, which means a player making $10 million will get to pocket an extra $1.3 million – about as much as the average American will make in their entire lifetime.

First round NFL Draft prospect Takk McKinley, a defensive end from UCLA, took note of the immense savings he could make.

Maybe Takk will buy one of our ‘taxation is theft’ snapbacks to wear on the sidelines.