CNN: “Barack Obama is actually a better libertarian than Trump”

If you thought that CNN was bad before, just wait until you get a load of one of their latest opinion pieces, titled Trump’s ‘libertarianism’ endangers the public.

The article attempts to attack Trump over his plans to reduce regulations. The author notes that deregulation sounds libertarian, but attempts to argue that Trump’s plan is in actuality unlibertarian.

By instead presenting regulation as the proper libertarian position, the author posits that “Barack Obama is actually a better libertarian than Trump.”

He goes on to argue that in a deregulated economy, “unworthy special interests can seize control of government.” His argument infers that deregulation would cause monopolies to grow, which would then give them the ability to seize control of the government. But every libertarian will tell you that in a deregulated economy, the exact opposite would happen.

Deregulation instead takes away from a large corporation’s marketshare, and promotes competition. Whereas in the presence of regulations, the cost of business is more expensive, thus making it increasingly difficult for smaller companies to compete. It is regulations that give corporations greater control, not deregulation.

Towards the end of his piece, the author laughably states:

“Freeing businesses to hurt people is not libertarian. The libertarians — at least, the ones who don’t see through Trump — are being played. If the crippling of the state allows economic behemoths to do whatever they like to others, then what libertarianism licenses, in the garb of liberty, is the creation of a new aristocracy, entitled to hurt the commoners.”

The author has a fundamental misunderstanding of both free-market economics, and the philosophy of libertarianism. Libertarians believe that economic incentives both act in accordance with our human nature, and are the best tool available for ensuring quality products, and ethical business practices.

CNN should leave it to the libertarians to define libertarianism, and go back to doing what they do best; publishing fake news.