Walter Block to debate Augustus Invictus, Charles Peralo, Live on Liberty Hangout

This upcoming weekend, on February 11th and 12th, legendary libertarian Walter Block will be taking the debate stage in Miami, Florida.

Saturday night at 6:10pm EST will feature a matchup between Walter Block and former U.S Senatorial candidate Augustus Invictus. The two will be debating the following topics:

Yay or Nay? Walter Block: Yay, Augustus Invictus: Nay

Taxation is Theft.
Yay or nay? Walter Block: Yay, Augustus Invictus: Nay.

Libertarian Nuremberg Trials.
Yay or nay? Walter Block: Yay, Augustus Invictus: Nay.

Privatization of Everything.
Yay or nay? Walter Block: Yay, Augustus Invictus: Nay.

Highway Privatization.
Yay or nay? Walter Block: Yay, Augustus Invictus: Nay.

On Sunday at 3:00 pm EST, Block will have his second debate against the infamous libertarian Charles Peralo. Charles is the cofounder of the Facebook page Being Libertarian, and has identified himself as a Gary Johnson libertarian. He has also written a number of scathing articles against Murray Rothbard and anarcho-capitalism.

Block is a direct student of the father of anarcho-capitalism. He considered Murray a great friend, economist, intellectual, and his inspiration.

You do not want to miss these epic debates. Both events will be hosted in Miami, FL at the following address:

Holiday Inn.
1350 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, Florida

Walter Block protege and founder of the AFF/Rothbardian Circle, Luis Rivera III, has put together another event that will have libertarians across the country excited. The Rothbardian Circle will continue to bring great events to the local Miami area and spread the ideas of liberty with the partnership of Liberty Hangout. If you are around the Miami area and want to attend this event, please contact Vice-chair of The Rothbardian Circle at [email protected] for details.

If you are interested in seeing a future libertarian speak at our events, please comment below. Also, follow our Facebook page for more information on upcoming events.