Vermont Secessionist, Dr. Rob Williams, Says Secession Will Happen

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, many parts of the United States have lashed out through riots and mass protests. But a much more interesting conversation – one that is deeply rooted to the identity, history and culture of America – is popping up in areas no one expected.

Talks of secession are spreading like wildfire. Most notably in California, known as #CalExit. But also in Washington, Oregon, New York, Minnesota and Vermont. It seems that many in “deep blue” states have had enough with the Union and are looking for ways to become more independent and chart their own course.

Most organizations and secession movements in those heavily Democratic states are relatively new in modern history, but talks of independence in Vermont has been around for quite some time. I had the honor and privilege to have correspondence, via email, with one of the state’s leading advocates of secession, Dr. Rob Williams.

Dr. Williams is a man that wears many hats, he describes himself as, a teacher, thinker, writer, musician, citizen/entrepreneur and retired yak farmer who has co-published 2VR’s flagship news journal in various forms since 2005”  We spoke about an array of topics having to do with the 2nd Vermont Republic.

What Is The 2nd Vermont Republic You May Ask?

The 2nd Vermont Republic (#2VR), founded in 2004 “is an open source nonpartisan network of citizen Vermont’repeneurs seeking to peaceably secede from the “deep state” imperialism of the U.S. government…” according to Dr. Williams

It’s called the 2nd Vermont Republic because prior to joining the union in 1791, Vermont was an independent country for 14 years, with its own currency, postal service and constitution.


Support For Vermont Independence

The latest poll has support for secession at 13% – but that was 10 years ago in 2007. However, there will be a new poll released in April of this year by the UVM Center For Rural Studies. My guess is with the historic unfavorability of Donald Trump and the overwhelming support for secession across the country, that number is bound to go up.

As far as support from elected officials go, Rob Williams says “I am the only openly ‘out’ elected official in Vermont – school board member and former chair for 6 years – who supports a 2VR and Vermont independence.” but “We have many closet secessionists who are open to the idea, but will not speak about it publicly, Yet.”

When I asked if the closeted secessionists will be going public anytime soon, he said “Hard to say… Given stories like this one from the Vermont statehouse today, I sure hope so.” He attached a link to an article, TRI-PARTY VERMONT POLITICAL ALLIANCE TRUMPS THE U.S. EMPIRE, ROUND 1 (NULLIFICATION).

Makes you wonder how much longer until the closeted secessionists reveal themselves, which would certainly give a huge boost to the movement.


How & When?

Folks of the #2VR have started an online petition to implore their legislature to convene a referendum convention, where they will debate and vote on a peaceful secession from the United States. They seek to do this in 2027, which would mark the 250th anniversary of the founding of the 1st Vermont Republic in 1771.

If successful, with a ⅔ majority vote, the legislature would then write up the “Articles of Secession” and deliver them to the White House.

Dr. Williams is confident that secession is in Vermont’s future, stating “Secession will happen – it is simply a matter of time and a question of political will” and that “fear” is their biggest obstacle.


PLAN V: A 12 Point Plan For Vermont To Become It’s Own Country

Plan V is the master plan to make this happen, which you can read in detail by clicking the link above. It’s their way to slowly decentralize and pull away from the United States, with the final nail in the coffin being complete secession.

Plan V is also a film and series they’re creating to spread these ideas all across the green mountain state.


If you would like to support this effort you can submit content to The Vermont Independent by emailing [email protected], help fund their film on, buy merchandise, sign the petition, and spread the word. I would also like to publicly thank Dr. Rob Williams for taking the time to talk with me.

And as Rob is fond of saying…

Free Vermont & Long Live The Untied States!