Let’s Take a Moment to Be Thankful That Hillary is #NotMyPresident


With all the craziness going on in the country over the course of the last month, let us mull over some of the positives. Everyone is so wrapped up over what the Trump administration may or may not do over the next four years, that we tend to forget how fortunate we are that Hillary Clinton is not our president.

In just his first two weeks in office, Donald Trump has taken numerous steps towards liberty that we would have never seen under a Clinton administration, and would have had to wait until 2020 to hope to accomplish, had she won. The staunchly pro-choice Clinton would have never defunded International Planned Parenthood or promised to sign a bill which would permanently ban taxpayer funding for abortions. The corporate queen of Wall Street would have never instituted regulatory freezes or lobbying bans. She wouldn’t have confided in Judge Napolitano for her Supreme Court pick. She sure wouldn’t be pushing for national concealed carry. Nor would she have eased the burdens of Obamacare, or made peace with Russia. And we sure as heck wouldn’t have seen tax cuts, spending cuts, proposals to abolish federal agencies, or efforts to decentralize from the UN, TPP, and NAFTA.

Instead, we would have seen the polar opposite. A President Clinton would have fought against Republican attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and restrict abortions. She would have protected and expanded the Affordable Care Act, increased the minimum wage, and intervened in the market to close the wage gap. Clinton would have backed gun control and appointed a leftist judge to the Supreme Court. She would have expanded social security and medicare, raised taxes, bailed out student loans, opened the borders, and increased affirmative action programs. Furthermore, a President Clinton would have used the government to fight climate change, and would have bolstered our position in the UN, NATO, TPP, and NAFTA. And worst of all, she would have instituted a no-fly zone in Syria, leading to an inevitable nuclear war with Russia.

Donald Trump is far from a perfect man, and has a number of terrible policy proposals. I hope for the sake of this country he reconsiders those positions and never implements them. But for all of his faults, it’s important that we take a moment to be grateful of the fact that Hillary Clinton was not elected President of the United States, for the differences between the two are night and day.