Help Stop Florida from Looting Taxpayers of $161 Million for Corporate Welfare

The Liberty Movement must unite in the name of a term which we generally disdain; that term being, “the common good.” The term “triggers” me – as it does most liberty minded individuals – but we must consider the implications of such a term. What we hate about “uniting for the common good”, is that it generally implies giving government more power. If the common good is centered on the notion of uniting to expand liberty, on the other hand, we can achieve victories towards creating a freer society. Our criteria for uniting should be contingent on advancing closer to our goal, not necessarily arriving at the end game all at once.

We all know politicians only respond to two things; money and keeping their job. We aren’t looking to bribe them, so we must hold them accountable with the only other means available, holding their foot to the flame. They need to know that they must vote to expand freedom, or risk losing their job; that’s how this game works. This literally means pulling out all the stops to achieve real victories by making politicians fear for their career. There are organizations which have access to applications that directly dial phone number after phone number of residents in particular voting districts. Utilizing these organizations – when the effort fits our goals – is a must for all those who wish to see a freer tomorrow than we have today. So let’s roll up our sleeves and repeatedly do what needs to be done in order to secure victories for liberty.

Last year, Gov. Rick Scott asked the Florida taxpayers to foot the bill of a $250 million budget for one of his favorite corporate welfare program. These programs go to fund incentives for corporations to move to Florida and compete with current businesses, as well as to fund national and international marketing for tourism. While Gov. Scott likes to talk about the increases to tourism as a result of programs like Visit Florida, you will find him quiet when questioned about the costs. After failing to get the $250 million requested last year for Enterprise Florida alone, the Governor has decided to ask for a “modest” $76 million for Visit Florida and $85 million for Enterprise Florida on Tuesday. While there can be no doubt that there have been some companies which have increased profits from increased tourism, House Speaker Richard Corcoran was quick to point out that the tax payer is getting the short end of the stick here, saying the programs contained funding for “Bonuses, severance packages, furniture, trips.” State director, Chris Hudson, was less than encouraged by the corporate welfare programs saying, “Floridians don’t deserve for their tax dollars to be used to recruit businesses to compete against them.”

Despite the lobbying efforts of the biggest corporations in Florida, there is a means to stop the madness. Wednesday February 8th, Leadership for Careers & Competition Subcommittee will be voting on a bill to end these corporate welfare programs indefinitely. The 15 representatives listed in the link below will determine if Florida will continue squandering the taxpayer’s money on wasteful corporate welfare or not.

Whether you live in Florida or not, if taxpayer money being wasted on corporate welfare is unacceptable to you, and you want to get involved in any way – even if it’s just to do something as effortless as a little social media marketing – shoot me a direct message on Facebook, text me, or email me (, 407-230-0595, [email protected]) with your phone number and email, and I’ll get back to you with more info as soon as I can. If you message me, I can promise you that we will upset some very well connected politicians, and their crony capitalist friends.


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