Why Trump Supporters Should Be Wary of Trump and His Cabinet Picks

By Zach Foster

One of the top reasons some libertarians support Donald Trump is because his very existence and daily life is an attack on political correctness and the PC culture that seems to dictate policy these days. That’s nice, but as John Wayne the Duke said, “Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.”  So why did they not saddle up before?

To be fair, I really like Trump’s twitter page—it’s beyond entertaining.  However, it’s just not complete without Mark Hamill doing those Joker voices.  I understand how PC culture bothers people on a deep level, but no one should need a rude demagogue to protect them from the PC atmosphere.  They ought to hop on their computer right now and start writing criticisms of the PC culture!  Saddle up already, cowboys!  Quit asking for permission!

Another top reason for the gold-to-red transition is that folks who are ideologically libertarian aren’t exactly impressed with the Libertarian Party. I’m more loyal to the LP institution than most, but frankly, this is a valid criticism.  I just don’t see how supporting anything benefiting the party that sabotaged Ron Paul and kidnapped his 2012 delegates on Orlando’s bus to nowhere will somehow ‘restore liberty’ better than a squabbling third party.  We ‘fight’ in the LP, but unlike the 2012 GOP conventions, no one’s ever been injured!

Pro-Trump libertarians like how Trump called out the media for being biased. Cool, I can appreciate that too. But what do they call Fox News, Breitbart, and Info Wars?

Now we arrive at the kicker, the main prize, the be-all/end-all that’s endeared the Donald to many a libertarian: they LOVE how Trump called out the globalists! Who wouldn’t want to support that position? Does anyone remember Trump repeatedly calling Hillary out for belonging to Goldman Sachs? I do. It was pretty glorious!

Here’s where the recent political amnesia begins to set in.  Once elected, Trump placed in his cabinet the Goldman Sachs CFO Gary Cohn, Rex Tillerson the billionaire oil tycoon, Goldman Sachs partner Steve Mnuchin, and then Wilbur Ross the billionaire banker… And do I even need to say anything about RNC Chair Reince Priebus?

Rand Paul recently said it best about Trump’s cabinet: “I haven’t seen this many billionaires in one place since Alex Jones and I staked out the Bilderberg Group.”  That statement, satirical in nature much like much of George Orwell’s fiction, reasonably translates into “TRUMP IS NOT A LIBERTY CANDIDATE.  AT ALL.  HE NEVER WAS.”

There are so many more angles I could cover and I’ll cover those in the near future, but these were enough for me to make my point today.  My conclusion is that Trump supporters need to beware of political amnesia.  Political amnesia already has a dangerous track record, as we can see from the way the establishment parties nominate virtually the same two candidates every four years and Americans always accept that this is somehow a choice.  If We the People don’t keep jogging our memories, if we give into political amnesia, then we become elements from a dystopian George Orwell novel.

Many Republicans who lean libertarian have already behaved like the sheep from Orwell’s Animal Farm.  When the GOP was trying to snub out Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy in 2012, many conservative-leaning libertarians (and vice versa) were in the trenches shouting “Four legs good, two legs bad!” Today, many of those same people wave their Trump signs while they shout “Four legs good, two legs better!”  I can respect a contrary opinion, but there is no excuse for political amnesia.  Therefore, Trump supporters, I ask you to beware, to be vigilant, and may your memory be long and clear.