White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is a Badass Twitter Troll

If you thought Donald Trump would be running the most interesting Twitter account over the next four years, you thought wrong. There’s another troll on the block, and his name is Sean Spicer, the all new White House Press Secretary.

Like Trump, Spicer is not new to the Twittersphere, and learned how to perfect the art of the tweet many years ago. Here are some examples.

Back in May of 2016, Spicer got into a Twitter fight with Politico reporter Kenneth Vogel. After accusing Vogel of misreporting information, Vogel responded with a fire emoji. Spicer responded aptly.

Like libertarians, Spicer also seems to have an affinity for roads.

During the presidential campaign, Spicer had his fair share of back and forths with Nick Merrill, the Traveling Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton.

And since being named Donald Trump’s Press Secretary in December of 2016, Spicer has become an ultimate savage that is to not be reckoned with.

Spicer even took aim at the New York Yankees, which, as a Mets fan, I highly approve of.

If you’re not already following Sean on Twitter, you’re going to want to jump on that bandwagon, because we’re in for a fun four years.