White House Launches “Skype Seats” for Alternative News Sources

Ever since the CNN “Fake News” fiasco at Donald Trump’s press conference two weeks ago, many have speculated whether the president had over stepped the boundaries of media etiquette once again, claiming that the charge was an attempt to infringe on the media’s first amendment rights.

Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced that later this week, four “Skype systems” will stand next to the regular press corps, allowing individuals and journalists access to the president beyond a 50 mile radius.

“As you know, we’re all about big viewerships and large audiences here”, said Spicer before announcing the Skype systems. “We want to have a healthy and open dialogue with the press corps and the American people.”

Many see this as a response from the Trump administration to the recent accusations of censorship and controlling the press. Allowing small media organizations into the press room would be a complete 180 from what the mainstream media has anticipated. However, no details were given as to how people will be selected to participate in the Skype session, nor how it will be integrated in the press room.