Trump’s Sec of State Pick Says Iraq War was Unsuccessful, Criticizes Regime Change in Libya

Throughout his 2016 campaign, Donald Trump maintained that he has always been against the Iraq War (though some have questioned these claims). He made opposing nation building an integral part of his platform, and was a staunch critic of the Obama/Bush/Clinton foreign policy.

Now it appears Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is singing the same tune. During his confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee earlier today, Senator Rand Paul asked Tillerson his thoughts on the war.

Tillerson answered, “I think in that regard the decision to go into Iraq and change the leadership in Iraq upon reflection was perhaps not – did not achieve those objectives, we do not have a more stable region in the world and our national security has not been enhanced or is still certainly under threat today.”

He then went on to criticize the regime change in Libya, stating, “In the case of Libya, I think that was the failing in the decision to change the regime there, no one had a clear plan or view of what would come next.” notes that “he added that his job was to make sure that America didn’t have to go to war. ‘If confirmed as Secretary of State, my job is to make sure we never get there,’ Tillerson stated.”