Trump Suspends Minimum Wage Laws in Democratic States Since He’s Not Their President

The following is a satirical article

After Donald Trump was elected President of the United States two months ago, the biggest speculation of all was what his first act as President would be. The suspense is over.

Hours after being inaugurated as our country’s 45th President, Donald Trump announced that he will be suspending minimum wage and welfare laws in Democratic states, since they don’t want him to be their president.

Speaking with the press, Trump told reporters, “It’s unbelievable folks. They said I’m not their president, so I won’t be their president. Got it? Good. They can ask Hillary Clinton to enforce their minimum wage, because I won’t.”

Democrats took to the streets crying in despair after Trump’s announcement was made.

Maybe it will only be a matter of days until Democrats start clamoring for Trump to be their president so he can enforce their minimum wage laws again.

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