Top Libertarians of 2016

Liberty’s Best of 2016

by I, AnCap

“It’s the current year!” That means it’s time to reflect on the previous one. 2016 was an eventful (though for some, unproductive) year for libertarians, to say the least. Across the libertarian end of the political spectrum, various groups within the “liberty movement” sparred for attention in the form of views, contacts, and if running for office, votes. It was met with triumph and success for some, and dismal failure for others. Without further delay, here are the top 15 of the year who did a commendable job spreading their perspectives and advancing their goals.

Chris Johncox

Chris is a writer, musician, video editor, film maker, graphic artist, and co-founder of the popular libertarian Facebook network, Being Libertarian. Despite since moving on from Being Libertarian, he has written for several other websites including Liberty Hangout, The Libertarian Republic, The Liberty Conservative. He has worked in the political industry as a campaign consultant and policy director for local campaigns in the Central Valley area of California.