The Final Act of Obama’s Poor Foreign Policy

With President Obama’s term coming to an end this upcoming Friday, we can reflect on how the world has changed over the last eight years. The Middle East has become a breeding ground for radical Islamic terrorist groups, Venezuela has fallen into a socialist pit of despair, and relations with Russia are quickly returning to how they were during the Cold War. Of course, we cannot blame the President for ALL of these things, but it has been a rough eight years.

American foreign policy has not changed much the last 16 years. Scratch that, it has not changed much since Vietnam. We go into different countries in the name of freedom and leave empty handed. We have seen what that has done in the Middle East. Most recently, we have seen radical Islamic groups over take the Middle East. This does not mean I was disappointed in the president when Osama Bin Laden was killed. I was a very proud American that day. But one good act does not make up for the eight years of failure we have seen. Even more shocking is that not even ISIS concerns me the most. Rather, I am most concerned about how the US is handling relations with Russia.

I saw very few positives with Donald Trump being elected. But one of those positives was a possible relationship with Russia. Establishing a healthy diplomatic relationship benefits both nations. Peace should always be our objective when it comes to foreign policy. It is no secret that tensions did not go away with the Russians when the USSR dissolved, but it should have been a chance to build a healthy relationship. Clearly, that did not happen, and it will not happen within the next few days, or at least until January 20th at noon.

President Obama has tried hard to alienate the Russians. He placed sanctions on Russia for their fighting in Syria. We did not do anything different from them except support the other side (which is part of the larger problem, but that is another story). In President Obama’s final act as President, he has hit his hardest.

4,000 US troops are moving into Poland. This is about as aggressive the United States could be without kicking in the Kremlin’s door itself. Not only is this very expensive, but it puts our President-elect in a very bad position. I see no benefit to have troops in Poland. Over the last eight years, it seems like we have picked a pointless fight with Moscow. I also think it has backfired and made the Russians more bold with their moves. So bold, it is arguable they influenced our election. That, and the Democrats were at fault for being corrupt and rigging their own convention, but again that is another story.

This constant bickering with Russia has not helped the United States at all. If President Obama truly wanted Trump and the United States to succeed for the next four years, then he would not have agreed to send 4,000 troops to Poland.