STOP THIEF! Gang of Thieves Stole My Money. Why Does the IRS Get Away With It?

I make $13 an hour.

Without taxes, that’s $520 for a 40-hour week.
After taxes, I bring home $417.82 a week.
Divide that amount by 40 for a 40-hour week.
I make $10.44 an hour.

I pay $102.18 a week in taxes. Sometimes more, if I work overtime. Sometimes less, if I miss a day or leave early.

Multiply that $102.18 by 52 for the 52 weeks in a year.
I pay $5,313.36 a year in taxes.

That’s income tax, Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. All involuntarily taken from me.

Now add in sales taxes. I make about $21,726.64 a year after taxes. Give or take a little.

Sales tax in my area is $0.08 on the dollar. Let’s just assume I spend everything I make on taxable items.

That’s $1,738.13 a year in sales tax.

My tax “refund” last year, when I made the same amount of money I do now and spent the same amount I do now, was about $1200.

So for paying $7051.49 in taxes, I got back $1200. That’s about $5800 I’ll never see again. I make, before taxes, $27,040 a year. After taxes, less than $22,000.

And I only get taxed at 13%. If you make more than me, the government steals even more of your money. #TaxationIsTheft