My Journey From Socialism to Anarcho-Capitalism

I became interested in politics when I was 17 years old, in early 2012. President Obama was trying to get re-elected, and the GOP was desperately trying to find a candidate who could beat him. My political news came from a magazine my English teacher had in her room, which she subscribed to. Each week, I would read the new issue. From what I remember, there was no clear Left or Right bias in the magazine, but I didn’t understand what a Left or Right bias even was at that point. I remember reading about the Republican candidates and their debates, and I remember reading about the president. At the time, I grew to admire President Obama for his confidence and his swagger. However, I did not agree with his use of drones in the Middle East, and I did not like that we were fighting there in the first place. But, I ultimately supported Obama in the 2012 election, and, had I been old enough to vote (I turned 18 that December), I would have voted for him. I’m ashamed of that fact today.

From 2012 to 2015, my political interest grew and my leanings were Left. Being from Texas, growing up with a Republican family, and being an angst-filled teenager, I felt more intelligent than my more conservative peers, and this only served to promote my Leftist views at the time. I was an outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter for most of 2015 and early 2016, even donating to his campaign and voting for him in the Democratic primary. I had a Libertarian coworker who I would often debate with, and, after many months, I finally began to see that I had been wrong for four years. My coworker, Michael, had planted the seeds in my mind that would grow to become my rather extreme views today. If you read this, thank you.

At this point, my old Leftist views and my new Libertarian ideas were a constant topic of debate in my mind. I would spend hours each day dissecting different arguments and ideas, trying to come to my own conclusions. After many hours, I finally came to call myself Libertarian.

I took to YouTube and Facebook to learn as much as I could about Libertarianism. I watched all the interviews with Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen and John McAfee. I initially supported Gary Johnson because Michael did, but ended up backing McAfee before Gary won the Libertarian Party’s nomination.

After Gary Johnson was nominated, I focused even more time and effort into learning about Libertarian philosophy, and I discovered Anarcho-Capitalism. I began to study Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Lysander Spooner, and of course Ron Paul. Prior to this, I had flirted with the idea of Anarchy while making my transition from Socialism to Libertarianism, but I didn’t know how it would actually work. Anarcho-Capitalism provided that answer. Privatize everything.

Of course, none of this was as simple as it may seem here. I went back and forth between Minarchism and Anarchism, because I struggled with the idea of a private court system and a private military. When I finally settled on Anarcho-Capitalism, I had to figure out how best to promote and implement it. I was told repeatedly that an anarchist cannot participate in politics, but I thought that politics would be the best non-violent way to eventually achieve anarchy, or at least get government back to its core purpose, to protect Liberty.

I voted for Gary Johnson, and I decided that it doesn’t matter what others think an anarchist should or should not do. I will be a political Anarcho-Capitalist. I will eventually run for office and try to shrink and eliminate government, and protect freedom. I will spread my ideas and promote the Liberty Movement. And I will do so with or without the support of others.

And that’s how I became an Anarcho-Capitalist. If you’ve read this far, thank you. Be free, and remember that taxation is theft.