A Muslim Libertarian’s Take on Trump’s Immigration Ban

My favorite proverb when dissecting government action, whether I question drone bombings, levying of tariffs, or travel bans, is “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The flurry of news and questions directed at me during the President’s first week in office culminate to the recent travel ban on certain countries tied to Islamic terrorism and refugees from Syria.

I still don’t see what he did as unconstitutional. I can’t find anything that points to it being characterized as such. The President does have certain legitimate powers. And calling it a Muslim ban, which it isn’t, is quite misleading. It is a ban on refugees from some countries tied to Islamic terror. Nationalities are not a race, and neither are religions. After you come to terms with these facts, we can discuss the demerits of the Executive Order.

The ban was rushed in the typical and smart Trump tactic of putting forth too many things for opponents to lose focus. Specifically here, the hypocrisy shows very well when you look at which countries were added to the ban, and even worse when you notice which countries were excluded from the ban (Saudi Arabia comes to mind).

The other consequence is Trump wants more Christian refugees, which I agree with and believe is fair enough, except when you look at the possibility of this hurting actual Christians since it will give incentive to some Muslims to lie and claim Jesus as their savior, and thus there is no actual way to vet who an actual Christian is or isn’t unless we enter the business of actual litmus tests and maybe offering them bacon on the way in. Which they would surely eat for two reasons: desperation, and being allowed to eat it in extreme duress; which is allowed in Islam in cases such as famine or hunger, probably more due to interpretation and jurisprudence.

 This will also really hurt visa and green card holders, which is really short sighted and gave room for error in the supposed “refugee” ban. After an injunction by three federal judges on the green card portion of the ban, Reince Priebus appeared to also favor a reverse on that portion of the executive order, after many legal residents were barred entry or detained at air ports.

 Of course another issue is the hypocrisy of the left of suddenly caring about Muslims and immigrants since Trump is President, while they remained silent under Obama. The seven countries in question were even picked out as countries of particular concern by President Obama. The “Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act” omnibus bill listed the same countries as ineligible for visa waivers, depending on criteria such as citizenship and time spent in these countries.

Overall it is important to note that on both sides of the aisle, the reactionaries have fired on all cylinders, whether in blind support of the ban or the willful ignorance of the previous administration’s similar groundwork actions. Remaining silent during any administration’s actions only signal tacit support, or at worse, a lack of responsibility and empathy when it matters. And implementing a travel ban, even if I disagree with it through remaining principle, wrongfully only paints carelessness and rushing an order not meant to do what it claims it will do.

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