Occupy Democrats Goes Fascist: Blocks Everyone With a Dissenting Opinion

In a weird turn of events, the ever so tolerant, multicultural melting pot brewing, binary gender fluid accepting, pro civil liberty loving humanitarians at Occupy Democrats have taken to banning everyone that has a dissenting view from them.

While the page is their private property and they have every right to kick out anyone they desire, if a conservative or libertarian page were to do the same, they would surely consider it fascism to silence dissenters. But it’s okay when they do it!


Occupy Democrats has racked up more blocks in the past day than Dikembe Mutombo and Hakeem Olajuwon could have ever hoped to achieve in their entire careers combined. Here are some examples.

Pointing out how dishonest the page is will result in a block.


Telling them taxation is theft will result in a block.


Asking about Wikileaks and Pizza gate will get you blocked.


Telling them you voted for Trump will get you blocked


Asking them about the wage gap will get you blocked.


Asking if it’s true that they block everyone that disagrees with them will get you blocked.


Telling them you have a question will get you blocked.


If you send them dank memes, you will get blocked.


Telling them to block you if they are freedom hating communists will get you blocked.


And saying hello will get you blocked.


Tread lightly. The brownshirts at Occupy Democrats are out in full force to ensure that the socialist echo chamber on their comments persists. They can’t afford to have their sheep exposed to dissenting views.