Will Trump Actually Ban Flag Burning, or Did He Troll Everyone?

Donald Trump set the country ablaze yesterday (no pun intended), after writing the following tweet about flag burning. It sent the media into a frenzy, and Americans of all political backgrounds to rally around the 1st amendment of the Constitution.


But was he being serious, or was this some next level trolling? The ‘perhaps’ in his tweet can be construed as sarcasm, and his suggestion for one year in jail seemed way too specific. After some quick research, everyone quickly found out that 11 years ago, Hillary Clinton co-sponsored the Flag Protection Act of 2005, which, ironically enough, called for one year in jail for the desecration of the American flag.

Instead of talking about Trump’s tweet, many are now talking about how Hillary co-sponsored this bill 11 years ago. This has many speculating that Trump is playing 4D chess and wrote this tweet to plant a story in the media, and get them to discuss how Hillary wanted to imprison people for burning the flag.


For some further context, if we go through some of Trump’s recent tweets, we see that this has been troll week for him. He wrote the following tweet after Jill Stein launched an effort to recount ballots in a number of states.

And just 20 minutes before writing his tweet about flag burning, he took to trolling Clinton News Network.

We conducted a poll on our Twitter account yesterday asking our followers if they think Trump is being serious, or trolling the media. 72% of those who voted in the poll believe Trump was trolling.

If this year’s election has taught us anything, it is that Trump is the master troll. He played 4D chess throughout the entire election in order to receive free media coverage, which leads one to wonder if he is still trolling the media.

Only time will tell. Until Trump takes office, we’ll have no idea what is to come of his tweet about flag burning. But until then, all we can do is speculate.