The Revival of the Libertarian Party: A Look Forward to 2020

The disappointment the current Libertarian Party nominees, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, have brought to the word ‘libertarian‘ is horrific. Watching Gary Johnson utter the words “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” makes most of us want to puke. The party of principles elected two Republicans to the LP, and has set the party back by decades.

The LP has lost its true core principles and has abandoned many of its supporters. This during a time when we have had the two most hated presidential candidates in American history, and the approval rating for mainstream news is at its lowest ever.

Why on earth did the LP go with the “safe candidate”? It’s very predictable that Gary Johnson would not poll high enough to even get a chance to speak in front of the American public, and in fact we should all be happy for this. Can anyone imagine Gary explaining libertarianism to 100 million people? I can’t. The media has already successfully crucified him on the Aleppo issue after a strange tongue interaction with a reporter.

But before we all remove ourselves from the political process and the LP completely, remember what has brought most of us to the liberty movement in the first place. A man by the name of Ron Paul. A man with a message and a passion that nobody had ever witnessed from a politician.

Ron Paul Developed a natural following without offering goodies, such as former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders did. we may have our new Ron Paul waiting in the wings for 2020. He is currently touring around the nation as we speak. He is promoting a book titled Freedom. His name is Adam Kokesh.

He is what I believe is the new hope for libertarianism in 2020. We took a couple steps back because of Gary Johnson, but now it’s time to move the party somewhere it has never gone before. Promoting the ultimate amount of freedom! It’s time to have an anarcho-capitalist running the Libertarian Party.

I wish to throw in my support for Adam and anything he needs. Now is the time for everyone to get behind a truly consistent libertarian. We cannot afford another step backwards. Let’s move it forward.

Adam will be running on a platform of why he should not be president. While he will probably be ridiculed by the mainstream media, the message will spread. The message is the most important part of the LP. This is not about winning, but rather it’s about showing people that government is an institution that uses violence to achieve its goals.

The goal is to educate people on Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Walter Block, Hans Hermann-Hoppe and many other great libertarian thinkers. Let’s revive this party and take the plunge to elect a real libertarian. Let’s get behind the platform of abolishing the Federal Government and its minions. Now that is a message that we can all get behind.

Editor’s note: The founders of this site will not be making an endorsement for the 2020 election until 2019/2020