As Liberty Hangout Predicted, Gary Johnson Misses Debate Cut

The Hill has reported that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have missed the cut to be included in the first presidential debate this fall. While many of Johnson’s most steadfast supporters have anticipated a debate inclusion at the least, Liberty Hangout has seen the writing on the wall and knew that Johnson was polling well below the threshold needed to be included in the debates.

In order to have been included in the debate, Johnson would have needed to average 15% across five polls of the Debate Commission’s choice. According to, Johnson’s five-poll average was a mere 8.6%.

The Libertarian Party was expecting 2016 to be their breakout year. Johnson is slated to be on the ballot in all 50 states, and yet has struggled mightily in national polls, despite Trump and Clinton being the two most despised presidential candidates in American history.

If Gary Johnson is falling well below the Libertarian Party’s expectations in the polls, how much worse is he going to fare in November? The LP was hoping to hit 5% in order to receive federal matching funds, but at this rate, Gary might be lucky if he gets 1% of the vote again.