Why Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Matter, and Why You are a Moron if He Upsets You

As I’m sure you already read, Colin Kaepernick sat down during the national anthem. *GASP* America is clearly under assault. Or at least that’s what you believe if you are an idiot. So let’s get to the meat of this event. Colin sat down for the national anthem because he feels that people of color are mistreated. He feels that the flag represents oppression rather than freedom. I can agree with him that the flag is nothing to honor, but I would argue with him that you don’t need to be a POC to get killed by the police in the streets without any consequence aside from paid vacation to come to the officer.

To all the “Disrespect muh flag” types, here is why you lack logical consistency. Do you have to agree with his reasoning? Absolutely not. Do you have to like what he did? Certainly not. But all I have heard this news cycle from the “muh flag” people is conflicting points of view. The muh flag crowd says this is a dishonor because the flag represents freedom and the men who sacrificed their lives dying for it. It’s supposed to represent the nation and all the supposedly good things we do, like kill children in the Middle East. But when this individual exercises his first amendment right to freedom of expression, everyone loses their minds. If you hold the flag in higher regard than the document that supposedly grants everyone their freedoms, even though it lacks the legal binding ability to do so, you are a moron. Chances are you suffer from getting your world view from corporate news media. Oh and by the way “If you don’t like it leave.” is not a rebuttal, it is a display of ignorance.

I thought this was were the story would end but it gets better! Colin does a press conference wearing a Malcom X hat and a shirt with Fidel Castro. So my guess here is that Colin is very confused and probably gets his world view from corporate media too.

kaepernick shirt

Apparently “Black Communism” is the sufficient representation of POC equality. Excuse me while I laugh. For those who don’t know, the reason that this could be construed as amusing is the fact that communism is the literal state manifestation of the oppression of the individual. The “group” is valued more than the individual, and guess who the benefits of the collective go to? That’s right, the actors in high rank in the state or state ran “commerce.” But I guess if we were all slaves on a plantation with no rights and no property then we would be equal in that sense.

There is a phrase that is common in communist countries, “We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us.” Although I would cite the NFL as a corporatist organization, he would never make a wage like he receives today under communism. I’m also pretty sure that he doesn’t understand that communism means that the state owns everything, and that private property for individuals is shunned. Ask a Cuban or a Russian over 40 how awesome communism is.

So this is why Kaepernick doesn’t matter here. Do I support his right to express himself? Certainly. Do I think anyone is obligated to stand for a song just because the majority does? Absolutely not. Do I take Kaepernick seriously? No. Does the state ruthlessly murder people in the streets without consequence? Yes. Is it newsworthy? Of course. Is it newsworthy for the right reasons right now? Absolutely not.