Liberty Hangout Introduces The Freeman Freedom Podcast

Liberty Hangout is proud to introduce you to the next installment of our libertarian radio programming, The Freeman Freedom Podcast, hosted by Liberty Hangout’s Kush Freeman. Kush is a cbd hemp entrepreneur and business owner, as well as an Iraq War veteran, and a decentralized society advocate.

The Freeman Freedom Podcast will encompass a wide array of topics pertaining to libertarian philosophy, and will push for a peaceful advancement of liberty and prosperity. It will focus on unconventional approaches to solving modern problems in effective ways that benefit all, and not just the user engaging in the problem solving. The Freeman Freedom Podcast will also be pushing the envelope of anarcho-capitalism, and seek to apply these principles to reality, peacefully and through the numerous avenues available to us.

Last night was the airing of the first episode of The Freeman Freedom Podcast. Jackson Tine joined the show to discuss the cannabis industry and the cannabis environment out in Colorado. Kush and Jackson talked a lot about the hemp business, and how it will play an integral roll in the fight for freedom. Kush and Jackson also talk statistics and deregulation.

Catch the first episode of The Freeman Freedom Podcast here on YouTube, and be sure to check out Kush’s website