Jason Stapleton says Bill Weld is Either a Liar, or One of the Stupidest Human Beings Alive

In recent weeks, the Libertarian Party ticket has taken to defending Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. In an interview with CNN, Gary Johnson said, “I’m not a stone-thrower when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her emails and her server. I don’t think there has been criminal intent on Hillary Clinton’s part. I don’t see an indictment.”

Earlier in the week, Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton just days before the FBI cleared Hillary of wrongdoing, and the Obama administration maintains that the meeting was entirely coincidental.  Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld shared the same sentiments as the Obama administration, telling CBS “I’m willing to take them at their word that that was a chance meeting at an airport, and there was the chance of changes of schedule. So I think it probably was just a chance meeting.”

Weld continued, “On the merits, I find it very hard to see evidence of the criminal intent there on the part of Mrs. Clinton, and that’s not just the latest view. I was head of the criminal division of the Justice Department under President Reagan.”

Libertarian talk show host Jason Stapleton recorded a video on Facebook yesterday in which he stated that Weld should have a better understanding of the law, considering he’s been an attorney for nearly half a century. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for violating it, contends Stapleton, and no American would have been able to get away with the crimes Clinton did.

“Given as many years as Bill’s been in office, and he’s been a career politician and in politics since he was a young man, for him to say ‘oh I take them at their word, I mean I don’t think there’s anything nefarious going on here. If they said they were there talking about their kids and it was a chance meeting, perfectly fine! No issues there whatsoever, I’m perfectly happy to take them at their word’ he is either one of the stupidest human beings alive, which means he shouldn’t be running for co-president, or he’s lying to you.”

Stapleton went on to say, “Where we should have libertarians standing up and saying ‘this isn’t right, this is a disgrace, we have big government run amuck,’ we have our own candidates standing up and supporting the decision made by the FBI. It’s shameful, and you should be ashamed. Let Gary and Bill know about it.”

Considering Bill Weld has described himself as a “lifelong” friend of Hillary Clinton’s, what do you think? Is he one of the stupidest human beings alive, or is he lying to you?

Watch Jason’s video on Facebook, and check out his podcast at JasonStapleton.com