To Vote or Not to Vote? That is the question.

Greetings Liberty Lovers,

I write to you this fine weekend because there has been much fuckery, and entertainment taking place in AnCapistan. As a content producer for Liberty Hangout, I feel like someone in our camp should put some perspective on all of this excitement. So let’s break it down. Allow me to formulate a spectrum. On one end is statism. On the other is anarchy. Statists typically believe in their political process even though they have yet to see the farce. Anarcho-capitalists who are principled typically choose political inaction in favor of ideological consistency. Inaction is still inaction, and this is where the flame of this controversy is centered at.

How many AnCaps can truly say they started as AnCaps? I greatly doubt that many people out there picked up Rothbard as their first political/philosophical book(s) and went from there, although I wouldn’t go so far to say that nobody has ever done that. Many of us started as conservatives or liberals (more cons than libs) and moved forward into Libertarianism. We still held our statist beliefs, and we still saw the statist system as a tool that we needed to use to enhance our freedom. Some of us took part in the 2008 Ron Paul campaign (who ran as a conservative before ever dropping quotes of the virtues of anarchism). Many more of us took part in the 2012 Ron Paul campaign as a last ditch effort to try to unfuck our country.

Did that mean everyone in the 2012 campaign believed in statism or hated freedom or wanted to aggress edicts over everyone else from behind the barrel of the state’s gun? Absolutely not. Most wanted to do something rather than stand by and do nothing. We have been driven to anarchism through our insatiable desire for truth and the stark realization that there are no longer any freedom oriented representatives in the state. Only fascists and socialists. That is literally popular choice being given to the ignorant American.

Many of us have memes that clearly depict that AnCapism is the resulting ideological conclusion of the combination of several philosophical paradigms. A conclusion that is better understood and perpetuated with a firm understanding of the concrete principles. This can be seen clearly if you watch any knowledgable AnCap describe their position to any minarchist. And although we all understand how ridiculous the minarchist position is, it is the only bridge between statism and anarchism. That means, like it or not, minarchists are important, and we need more of them.

We all know the progression is statist -> libertarian/minarchist -> anarchist. The population is not going to suddenly realize the advantages of anarchy and why it needs to happen. The whole education system is literally designed to teach everyone the exact opposite, and that is why sheep are sheep. We are the only ones who can educate the masses because nobody else will.

So what does any of this have to do with voting? Why does voting matter when it doesn’t? Why advocate such fuckery? We can sit here and talk constitutional republic all we want and the rights of the individual taking presidence over popular opinion. And how the electoral college ensures the state wins every election.

Being right alone is not good enough. We live in a democracy. And in democracy, ignorance is valued the same as intelligence. If we don’t get our numbers up, you can get used to way more fascism and way more socialism, because people aren’t going to go from lifelong Democrats to AnCaps unless something happens to make that change. The Internet has been bombarded with comparisons of Trump to Hitler and Sanders to Stalin. There are lots of people out there who are fed up with the left and the right but have not the slightest idea about libertarianism (much less anarchism) other than MSM saying they are a bunch of crazy misguided idiots with no hope for the “unrealistic” change that they want. This is where we come in.

Look, I get it. Austin Petersen is a statist douche. He has talked mad shit about anarchists only to gain some attention by said anarchists in the form of logical destruction. But Austin Petersen doesn’t need to impress anarchists. Statists don’t give a shit about anarchists. It’s just a fringe group of people who like to cause chaos in their eyes. They have no idea its ancoms causing the violence taking credit for it all the while giving us all a bad name, nor do they care. They see someone like AP talking about fiscal conservatism and giving new options that the left and right will not, and that in and of itself makes someone like him appealing to someone looking for new choices.

If you ask me, I personally think the Libertarian party is a joke. Watered down republican+1s. I think all the candidates are shit and I don’t think any of them would bring any change worth seeing if they got in office. And not even because they may lack this or that or the conviction to achieve it, but because the system is bought and paid for by people who stand to lose profit to freedom should the state be convinced to stop enforcing their monopolies under political pressure from the masses. Which is why censorship is a thing we all deal with and why MSM is anything but objective reporting.

But far more important than the Libertarian Party and its candidates are what comes with it. Rattlesnakes, Gadsden Flags, and the grassroots movement, and us. The behind the scenes. This is more important than any dog and pony show. We are the real deal and we are fucking awesome because of it.

The spectrum of change is something we all have walked through. A conservative who has just traded in his elephant for a Gadsden Flag still thinks that you can ask the slave masters for freedom and still get it. He still thinks that’s the only way to achieve his vision of the future, at the ballot box. Our goal is converting religious authoritarians into self-accepting, responsible and principled individuals.

They need to learn from the movement that the system is a lie, they need to learn from their peers in the freedom movement that everything is not as it seems. They still need their rituals and ceremonies because they know nothing else, and no one else has shown them otherwise. This is why the Libertarian Party is important. This is where we can get our numbers up. We have Ancap experts from the likes of Larken Rose to the familiar faces we see on social media who are always preaching freedom. But this message is only good for people who have enough information to understand what the message is saying and how to discern where to follow it to.

If we want to see libertarian policies instead of just fascist or socialist ones, we need to create demand for them. And if we don’t take it upon ourselves to engage statists, we will never see ANY change, just the progressive advance of outlandish results which history has already told us we will be in for. History is something that the statists are still lacking with as well, because school sure as fuck doesn’t teach any history worth hearing.

I know many just want they system to fall apart so it can be open hunting season on the Berntards. I know many hate the system with every fiber of their being and would rather die than participate in anything related to the system. For every person that feels this way, I understand you. But I ask you this question. If we don’t educate the populace and the state goes under, who will stop the statists from forming another state? If you don’t think they will try, you better go talk to a statist right now who is indoctrinated AS FUCK who will swear up and down dead in the face of any reasonable logic that humanity absolutely can’t function without the state because chaos and stuff. If you are okay with this, you better get up on your COD skills because we all need to run 100+ kill streaks to be effective.

Liberty Hangout understands this. Liberty Hangout is not asking you, the principled anarchist, to forsake your ideological consistency and go vote for someone when you clearly see voting for a candidate is a waste of time and effort, because reasons. Liberty Hangout will ask you to pick your battles and do your best, though. Engage your local Libertarian Party, bring anarchist values to the table. Be a leader. Be clever. Convert statists. Do it any way you can. Convert Cons to Libertarians. Convert Libertarians to Minarchists. Convert Minarchists to Anarchists.

Liberty Hangout has chosen to engage the lost and try to spread the word of freedom. Will every person we talk to make it to AnCapism? No, they will not. But every single person brought under the banner of yellow and black is a net win for us all, considering what is happening in this country and where it is going.

Think about your own journey and how you got to where you are. What method do you think will work better in bringing in converts? 1) Shouting at them for being ignorant idiots for not knowing knowledge they were never exposed to. 2) Engaging them on terms they are familiar with and giving them their next nugget of truth on their freedom trail and having patience while showing them the way.

If we are going to be successful, we are going to have to go with what works. You can demonize us all you want, but we are reaching more people and changing more minds than those who refuse to engage statists entirely.

This is why Liberty Hangout has endorsed a candidate. This is why Liberty Hangout attended CPAC. This is why Liberty Hangout has chosen to participate in statist events. We understand the failings of the system. We understand the principles of Anarcho-Capitalism. We understand statists. We know how they think. We know how to engage them. These are all things that AnCapistan should already understand. And rather than have spirited debate about how to be effective in these goals, we have infighting and division.

Earth’s natural state very well may be anarchy. But until we cut out the disease that is government, we are still ruled by statism. Do you want to fight for your vision? Or do you want to stand by and do nothing? We aren’t the authority on how everyone should go about what we have chosen to do, but we have chose action over inaction. We would be delighted if you join us in our efforts.