Voting Won’t Save You

Voting is pointless. Elections are pointless.

This idea that government employees can fix everything by stealing from productive people at gunpoint and giving to unproductive people is not doing anyone any good, especially since it isn’t enough to cover the exorbitant expenses of existing government programs, and especially because the unborn are being made to foot the bill for the difference.

This is financial cannibalism, and it is abhorrent. It invokes repulsion in every fiber of my being.

The government has nearly TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS of existing debt and nearly TWO HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLARS of unfunded liabilities that it would need to invest TODAY to make good on promises 75 years from now.

In other words: THE GOVERNMENT IS BROKE and has already borrowed money 75 years in advance just to keep plugging away. Not only that – they don’t even pay the principal on the debt; they just pay the interest and roll over the principal indefinitely.


What does your favorite politician have to say about that? Probably nothing. It’s hard to buy votes and talk about intergenerational debt simultaneously.

It is downright SICKENING that people are clamoring for free college, free healthcare, and free everything else in lieu of this existing intergenerational debt. MORE SICKENING STILL that white liberals and other malinformed sophists act like they have the moral high ground for creating welfare dependency.

I hate to be the one to break it to these hateful, hateful people (but not really): getting people hooked on stolen money and pretending like those people would be nowhere without you is psychotic, hateful and falsely paternalistic. It’s also disempowering and bigoted. Anyone who does this doesn’t really give a damn about anyone else; they’re just pathological altruists who only care about the warm, fuzzy feeling they get from pretending to help people.

No one will ever vote their way out of this. No politician will ever admit fault for creating this – especially not Bernie Sanders, who voted to raise the debt ceiling EVERY CHANCE HE GOT.

He merely pretends to oppose zombie banks while championing the very policies that keep them afloat.

The Federal Reserve is the iceberg to the Titanic that is the Federal government. The debt it creates is akin to ocean water surging into the hull of the ship.

It’s not the economy that’s on the verge of collapse; it’s the government.

It’s time to make for the lifeboats and abandon ship.

Want someone to save you?

Look no further than the god damned mirror.

Go out into the world and PROVIDE ACTUAL VALUE TO PEOPLE.