5 Reasons Why Libertarian Anarchists Should Vote for Austin Petersen

REASON #1 – The political process is a viable and necessary component to expanding liberty in this day and age.

“Political action can be viewed as a form of self-defense. This approach usually has a national focus — such as running a presidential candidate — though it contemplates political action at the state and local level as well. It appeals to libertarians in a hurry, so to speak. Ultimately, at least in theory, the political option attempts to mimic and reverse the incrementalism that has been so successful for the political Left over the past century.”-Jeff Deist

Face it guys. The political process is one way to affect huge change in our society. Don’t believe me? Look at how quickly Progressivism was able to grow throughout the 20th century. Working within the system is just another tool in the libertarian arsenal, one that if used successfully strikes hard and strikes quickly.