Meet The Team

Justin Moldow
Founder of

Justin is a graduate of Manhattan College, where he earned a BS in Marketing this past spring, and graduated at the top of his class with Magna Cum Laude. Justin’s academic achievements earned him ranks in the Mu Kappa Tau National Marketing Honors Society, as well as the Honor Society of Epsilon Sigma Pi. He is an ardent student of commerce and was the president of his school’s Entrepreneurship Club, as well as a founding father of Young Americans for Liberty at Manhattan College. Justin has represented Liberty Hangout at events held by the Young America’s Foundation and Young Americans for Liberty. He also represented Liberty Hangout at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past year, where he exposed conservatives to the ideas of libertarianism. In 2016, he and his co-founder James fought arduously to help spread word of Austin Petersen’s presidential campaign, who previously sought the Libertarian Party nomination. Justin’s forte lies in the realm of Lockean philosophy, and he seeks to encourage others to accept the premise of self-ownership and recognize that their individual rights are apparent in nature. He is an avid proponent of libertarian thought, as well as Austrian economics, and is a steadfast defender of liberty. Justin is from the Yankee state of New Jersey, but hopes to move to Texas after they one day secede.


Michael W. Miller
Contributor, Social Media Manager, and Content Producer

Michael W. Miller is Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia and a project manager at BLENcorp based out of Washington, D.C. After learning about the libertarian school of thought a little over 8 years ago, Michael has since dedicated his life to the cause of Liberty. Michael’s book,”The Natural Law for the Modern Man” is a testament to the philosophy behind libertarianism and its roots in nature. Michael is currently running as a delegate in the 35th district of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


I, AnCap
Contributor, Social Media Manager, and Content Producer

I, AnCap is a writer, musician, video editor, film maker, graphic artist, and co-founder of the popular libertarian Facebook network, Being Libertarian. After leaving Being Libertarian to start his own enterprise, he founded The Daily Torch to provide a mechanism for the government and mainstream media to be held accountable to the public. I, AnCap has written for several other websites including not only, but Liberty Hangout and Austin Petersen’s The Libertarian Republic. He has worked in the political industry as a campaign consultant and policy director for local campaigns in the Central Valley area of California.


TJ Roberts
Contributor, Social Media Manager, and Content Producer

TJ Roberts is a student of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a minor in Writing Rhetoric and Communication at Transylvania University. A lover of liberty from a young age, Roberts immediately engaged himself in libertarian activism the day he graduated high school. He has become the chapter president of Transylvania University’s new Young Americans for Liberty chapter, is a KY State Chair for YAL, a Campus Coordinator for Students for Rand Paul, a Campus Coordinator for Students for Liberty, and the Kentucky campaign manager for Adam Kokesh’s 2020 presidential campaign. Having educated himself in Austrian Economics and the philosophy of Natural Law, Roberts has come to consider himself an anarcho-capitalist, and encourages those around him to accept the axiom of self ownership. TJ can be contacted at [email protected], or you can add him on Facebook.


Jacob Morrison
Social Media Manager and Contributor

A former neoconservative, Jacob Morrison is an avid libertarian and follower of the non-aggression principle that studies communications at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He is a member of the Southeastern Speech & Debate Association and was a state finalist in multiple speech & debate events while in high school. Jacob is a contributor and social media admin for Liberty Hangout. A proponent of peace, prosperity, and voluntaryism, his “senior hashtag” at Durant High School was . You can follow Jacob on Twitter and Instagram .


Andrew Brady

Andrew is an international studies and science student at the North Cobb Magnet program in Atlanta, Georgia. Andrew has evolved over the past several years from hardcore conservatism to Anarchism. He studies economics, philosophy, and politics during his free time and at school. Andrew’s greatest dream is spreading the message of liberty to everyone so we can live in a peaceful and prosperous civilization. He advocates for the Austrian economic school of thought and is a huge fan of Murray Rothbard. Andrew’s greatest interest is in economic philosophy, where he specializes in the studies of socialism and capitalism, as well as politics, where he specializes in the studies of libertarianism.



A former leftist, Dan has come a long way in the realms of political philosophy. Mainly concerned with the pragmatic and ethical issues of government, this converted him to a libertarian way of thinking. Dan enjoys talking mainly about economics, social issues, religion, and philosophy. He aims to help the world by enlightening people with rational thought.


Eric July

Eric is a former leftist turned AnCap. He prides himself in breaking down economics, race, and statism for the common man to understand. Eric uses the platform given to him by his band, BackWordz, and his social media following to inform the public on the dangers of the State. Eric has made multiple appearances on Fox News and The Blaze to help spread the message of liberty. You can follow Eric on Twitter @EricDJuly, or like him on Facebook.


Jake Simpson

A lover of liberty since a young age, Jake now sees the fight for liberty as the only way to insure a peaceful future for his family. As an honors graduate of Western Governors University’s top rated teachers college, Jake hopes to create an education system that makes the American public school system obsolete. When not fighting for liberty or being a salesman in the construction industry, Jake spends his time with his lovely wife April and two awesome kids, Noah and Luci. You can contact Jake at [email protected] or on Twitter @RantinArkansan.


Jared Howe

Jared Howe is a Voluntaryist writer, philosopher and hip hop artist who goes by the pseudonym J3443ONE (Jerry One). Jared is also a professional technical copy editor for an industry-leading SaaS company, a freelance student of Austrian economics, and a self-proclaimed abolitionist. Jared has had a lifelong wariness of violently established false authority, but the Ron Paul presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012 pushed him in the direction of abolitionism and Voluntaryism. As an elected delegate who caucused for Ron Paul in Maine in 2012, Jared became disenchanted by the political process when the GOP changed their rules at the last moment to unseat the pro-Ron Paul delegates who had been sent to the National convention from Maine and several other states. Jared now works to change the hearts and minds of others by writing, debating, making music and resisting the initiation of government force (whenever possible). In his own words: “I just want to help create a world where the prospect of resisting doesn’t seem as burdensome or scary to my future children or their children.” You can follow Jared on Twitter @J3443ONE, or like him on Facebook. Also make sure to check out his music on SoundCloud.


Kaci Bayley

Kaci is a junior at Murray State University, where she is currently majoring in social work. She is also the chapter leader for Young Americans for Liberty on her campus. Upon the completion of her degree, she plans on utilizing her skills to help others without the force of government. She enjoys discussing politics, economics, and the downfalls of politically correct culture. You can follow her on Twitter at @redhotpolitics.


Kush Freeman

Kush Freeman is an entrepreneur in the Colorado CBD market. He is dedicated to growing his new business while spreading the world of liberty in his free time. He is quite knowledgeable about the federal and local governments and thoroughly understands how state institutions operate. Kush is a firm believer of libertarian philosophy and tries to apply those principles as much as possible to his daily life. Kush is an Iraq war veteran, and a fan of the works of the likes of Rothbard, Bastiat, Hazlitt, and Mises. When Kush is not busy adulting, you can catch him in his free time producing music or engaging others in intellectual debate on social media. You can follow Kush on Twitter at @KushFreeman, or add him on Facebook.


Matthew Carr

Matthew was born and raised in Ohio, which is where he currently resides. He is a self starting entrepreneur who has always gone against the grain. Matthew has been a Christian all his life and came to libertarianism at a young age. He has since grown immensely into the philosophy. He hopes to dedicate his work to enriching people’s lives and spreading the ideas of liberty with the world.


Mike Tront

Mike is a lifelong lover of freedom.  He discovered libertarianism in 2000 when he found Harry Browne, the Libertarian Party presidential nominee that year.  Ever since then he’s been an astute libertarian.  However he just recently decided to become more active in the movement and spread liberty to the world.  He believes technology will eventually replace government, so he’s hoping to educate people in the meantime and bring down any barriers that government puts in our lives.

You can check out his website and join his free newsletter for exclusive content, including This Week In Hypocrisy, at You can also find Mike on Twitter @MikeTront


Sarah Scherer

A San Diego native, Sarah developed a strong aversion to authoritarianism at a young age with books such as George Orwell’s “1984,” and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.” She studied journalism in high school, and quickly gained disdain for the mainstream media and their blatant lack of objectivity. Shortly after defining herself as “libertarian,” Sarah found Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism and began to apply libertarian values to her personal life, which she discovered is massively empowering. She has since become President of Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Georgia, where she is studying Management and International Business. She plays guitar and only listens to rock. You can follow her on Twitter @sareuh7, and keep up with her projects on her personal site:



Sara is a senior at the University of Missouri, majoring in psychology and political science. She plans on attending law school and becoming a criminal defense lawyer in order to fight injustice in the criminal justice system. She is on the executive board of both Mizzou’s chapters of Young Americans for Liberty and Students for Rand. She enjoys ranting about big government and modern feminism over a glass of wine. Her hope is that she will see a world without the IRS in her lifetime. You can follow Sara on Twitter at @lattesandwine or add her on Facebook.


Tyler Leach

Tyler is our resident socialist-turned-libertarian. Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard and a stubborn libertarian coworker successfully converted him in early 2016, and he’s now a very vocal supporter of individual liberty. He likes to read comic books, play guitar and argue about politics on the Internet. He plans to run for office someday in order to convince the country that taxation is theft. He can be reached at [email protected].



TK is a graduate of The University of Texas at Tyler where he earned a BS in Political Science and Economics.  In college, TK was very politically active. He was recruited into his school’s chapter of the College Constitutional Conservatives.  He also founded the Youth For Ron Paul chapter at his university, which later became a Young Americans for Liberty chapter.  During the 2012 election, TK was selected to represent his county at the Texas Republican Convention as a delegate.  Being a delegate for Ron Paul in 2012 helped TK network with other Liberty minded people throughout Texas. TK has been a member of the Mises Institute since 2013 and credits the Mises Institute for being an intellectual influence in his early college years.  TK is currently a history teacher and tutor in Texas.