Facebook to Ban Anyone Who Shares InfoWars Links

Earlier today, a number of popular right-wing figures such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Laura Loomer were banned from Facebook and Instagram. The tech giant made the decision earlier this afternoon after labeling them as “dangerous individuals”.

For Jones, Loomer, and Yiannopoulos, today’s ban means the total annihilation of any social media following they had left. The three of them were among some of the most followed conservative personalities before being deplatformed. 

Not only are these personalities banned from Facebook and Instagram, but their fans are now in danger of losing their accounts as well. 

According to The Atlantic, “Infowars is subject to the strictest ban. Facebook and Instagram will remove any content containing Infowars videos, radio segments, or articles (unless the post is explicitly condemning the content), and Facebook will also remove any groups set up to share Infowars content and events promoting any of the banned extremist figures, according to a company spokesperson.”

Big League Politics reached out to Facebook for clarification, after conflicting reports were published on The Verge

Facebook confirmed with Big League Politics “that the platform will let users make posts complimentary about Infowars or reflecting them in a positive nature, but will not allow users to post links to Infowars videos, unless they are doing so to condemn the content.”

This move by Facebook puts into question their motive behind banning Jones, Watson, Yiannopoulos, and Loomer. If they will also be banning users who share their content, this would suggest that Facebook finds their ideology (conservatism) dangerous, and not the individuals.