Court Rules Gun Manufacturers Can Be Sued for Mass Shootings

Image: Erik Lesser/EPA-EFE

A divided Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that the firearm company Remington can now be sued for the improper usage of their guns, according to CNBC..  The ruling was based on the tragic ‘Sandy Hook massacre’ where 20 children, and 6 teachers were killed using Remington’s Bushmaster rifle. 

It was a 4-3 ruling, overturning the precedent set by a 2005 law that keeps gun manufacturers from being responsible in events like this.  

This new precedent is an injustice to gun manufacturers across the nation.  The government has now stepped into the affairs of a private business, making them responsible for whatever a random person does with their product. 

By this standard, Ford could be sued every time there is a car accident or a vehicular homicide while using a Ford vehicle.  Pharmaceutical companies could be sued every time someone overdoses on their medications.  Benchmade could be sued if someone is stabbed by one of their knives. 

The logic just isn’t there in this ruling.  It isn’t the the company’s fault or responsibility, it is a matter of the person who chooses to partake in a horrific act.  Remington did not tell the shooter to commit the Sandy Hook massacre, it was on his own accord. 

This sets a scary new standard for gun owners, and gun manufactuers across the United States.

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