Conservative Woman Kicked Out of Mall After Feminists Stalk Her

InfoWars reporter and prominent gun rights activist Kaitlin Bennett is a nationally renowned personality that often gets recognized in public. On more than one occasion, Bennett has been stalked in public and threatened with violence.

Just two weeks ago, Bennett received a call from the FBI of a credible threat against her life. This was the second time she has received a call from the department concerning threats against her.

And often times when Bennett is in public, teenagers and college students will tweet her location and urge Internet users to find and hurt her.

Understandably, Bennett is cautious when she sees someone raise their phone to snap a photo of her in public. Such was the case last night at a Victoria’s Secret store in Akron’s Summit Mall.

While in the store, a young woman at the store with her mother carefully pranced around the store behind Bennett, attempting to snap photos of her discreetly. Once Bennett approached the register, the girl gave up on trying to be discreet and held her phone up for a picture right in front of Bennett’s face.

Bennett and her fiance asked why she took a photo, and her mother angrily snapped back, “BECAUSE SHE GOES TO KENT STATE AND YOU’RE A PUBLIC FIGURE.” After the girl then gave Bennett the middle finger, Bennett’s fiance began filming on his cell phone to capture the rest of the encounter.

The girl’s photo of Bennett can be clearly seen on her phone, and her mother then defends her daughter’s actions, saying “She didn’t harass you, she took your picture. You’re a public figure.”

Bennett asked the girl, “So what are you going to do with that photo?” She responded, “I’m gonna send it to somebody.”

Bennett said back, “Who are you gonna send pictures of me to? Isn’t that really inappropriate?” The girl’s answer? “It’s none of your business.”

After Bennett asked the mother why her daughter was following her around, the cashier stepped in and asked Bennett to take her problems with them outside the store.

The cashier proceeded to defend them, saying they couldn’t have followed Bennett around because, “they’ve been in the store for an hour. They haven’t been following anybody. Please take it outside the store.”

Bennett asked the cashier if she supports people taking pictures of other customers inside the store, and the cashier answered, “That is not my business.” She proceeded to tell Bennett that her employee handbook prohibits her from asking customers not to harass others. Yet the handbook apparently allows her to intervene when a customer asks not to be harassed.

As soon as Bennett left the store, mall security arrived on the scene to talk with the employees of the store, as well as the mother and her daughter. 

A few minutes later as Bennett and her fiance were already a distance from the store, mall security chased them down on their segways and threatened to remove them from the mall. The security guard told the two that there were complaints about them in Victoria’s Secret, saying “The customer complained, and the store complained.” He continued to say that “If there’s any more complaints, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave the property.”

Bennett’s fiance Justin asked, “What did they complain about specifically?” The security officer refused to answer his question, and continued to simply repeat that if they received any more complaints about them, they would have to leave the property.

The officer would not comment on whether it was okay for the girl in Victoria’s Secret to harass Bennett and take photos of her inside the store, but kept reiterating “If there’s any more complaints, I’m just gonna have to ask you guys to leave.”

Instead of dealing with the stalkers that Bennett raised an issue with to the officer, he said, “I don’t know why people follow you. That’s not my issue.” Bennett said, “If you’re security then it should be your issue,” to which he responded, “I don’t know who you are.”

Incensed that the officer was taking the side of his fiance’s stalkers and threatening to remove them, Justin raised his phone up and asked to take a picture of the officer’s badge so he could hold him accountable. 

Despite having no issue with stalkers taking Bennett’s photo, the officer then says, “I’m gonna have to ask you to leave. You’re about to go, buddy.”

The mall cop, whose badge said Supervisor Hurst, proceeded to escort the two off of the property, telling Bennett and her fiance they can’t take photos of him on private property. Not only is this untrue since Ohio is a single-party consent state, but it highlights the officer’s double standard in kicking them out for taking a photo while doing nothing to the girl who snapped a photo inside of the Victoria’s Secret store. While escorting them off the property, the officer threatened to ban them from the mall for life.

Victoria’s Secret tweeted at Bennett regarding her incident at the store in Summit Mall, and urged her to reach out to them so they can discuss the matter. They informed Bennett that they have taken action against the employee.