Think Progress Editor Says Muggers Have a Right Not to Be Shot

Last week, a 25 year old woman from Chicago was forced to defend herself with a firearm against a 19 year old mugger. The woman was being robbed at gunpoint and used her legally owned firearm to ward off the attacker.

The concealed carry holder shot the man in the neck, and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital after fleeing the scene.

While right-wingers used the story as an example for why they support the 2nd amendment, one leftist in particular was less enthused with their response.

Zack Ford, the LGBTQ Editor at Think Progress, took to Twitter to express empathy for the mugger, and disdain for conservatives.

Ford shared a story from the Daily Caller and wrote, “Conservatives are thrilled a woman with a concealed-carry permit shot and killed a 19-year old-old would-be mugger. That’s not how justice works. The penalty for theft is not death, nor do we want it to be.”

After getting berated on the social media platform for his comments, Ford deleted the tweet.

In a six tweet thread, Ford apologized for suggesting that conservative outlets covering the story were happy about a death, and for suggesting that people don’t have a right to defend themselves.

Ford, however, provided no clarification as to whether he still stands by his belief that the woman’s defensive use of her firearm was unjust.

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