Ocasio-Cortez Caught in a Lie, Pushes False Story that ICE Harassed Muslim Man

Yet another attack on the men and women of ICE by the misleading left has been carried out today. 

Mohanad Elshieky, a popular stand-up comic working for ‘teamcoco’, tweeted on January 7th at 1:08 PM that he was harassed by ICE over his documents being fake.  The ICE agents stopped his greyhound bus in Portland asking Elshieky and a few others to exit the bus for questioning.

After the “interrogation”, they concluded that Elshieky’s documents may be fake.  Elshieky told the ICE agents that was impossible. His work visa can only be valid if he is in the country legally.  The agents called their superior to gain more information on the validity of his documents, making him stand outside in the freezing cold.  Elshieky claims that he could hear whoever was on the other end of the line say that his documents were indeed valid. 

The tweet thread then goes on to describe how the agents lie to Elshieky, saying that his documents are not valid.  He then threatens the agents with legal action before the agents ultimately let him go.

On the surface, this may seem like unwarranted harassment of a minority by the “tyrannical” agents working with ICE.  Thanks to the journalist / photographer Andy Ngo with Quillette, we have a deeper insight on what actually occurred that day.  The first hole in this story is so big that it would make any sensible person question the validity of what Mohanad Elshieky has to say. 

The picture he took of these “ICE agents” that harassed him are not even ICE agents.  Andy Ngo commented that if you look closely at the uniforms, they are CBP agents not ICE.  Yet he goes on to even call out these fake ICE agents as “Racist Trash” in the caption of the photo he posted.

After knowing that the main point of his story is not even real, the rest starts to fall apart easily.  Ngo goes on to disprove small points in his story.  One of the things Elshieky pointed out about the agents is that they made him: “take my hands out of my pockets … it was snowing and they were wearing gloves and my hands were freezing cold”. 

He complained a lot about how cruel it was to make them stand outside in the cold even though the “ICE agents” were dressed for the weather.  Even the glove comment can be proven false by using the same picture that Elshieky provided himself.  In the picture of the agents, no gloves can be seen, and neither can large amounts of snow.  Ngo posted a picture of the weather that day to disprove his story further, pointing out there was no snowfall. 

Andy Ngo even contacted ICE to get a statement on the situation, and they were able to prove with 100% certainty that those agents were not ICE.  In a reply to Elshieky’s barrage of angry tweets, Ngo commented that he “personally witnessed of you (Elshieky) in real life, I think it is fair to question your interpretation of events. I have seen you use public events to bring attention to yourself in a similar manner for non-events”.   Looking back onto what actually happened that day, nothing seems that out of the ordinary:

  • A routine stop occurred for the grey hound bus.
  • CBP (not ICE) agents entered the bus, asking Elshieky and a few others to exit.
  • They checked Elshieky’s papers.
  • A discrepancy appeared so they checked back with base to clear it up
  • They let him go

Yet Elshieky described the encounter in an inflammatory way stating: “I have never felt as terrible as I did today”, and: “I was still considered “Other” and I have never felt as alone as I did in that station full of people”.  He is obviously trying to exaggerate the situation to push his narrative.

Your favorite dimwitted socialist Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez had a few words on the subject, saying “One of these days, I hope people realize that the idea that ICE should be scrapped isn’t so crazy after all”.  She took the story at face value, not doing any research into the validity of the statements or pictures provided. 

Is that really someone we want in charge of anything? Someone who can’t do 10 minuets of research to make sure the narrative she’s pushing isn’t false?  At the end of the day, this was nothing more than the desperate rant of a triggered leftist trying to push a negative narrative toward an agency that did nothing to him in the first place. 

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