Liberals Threaten to Boycott NBC for Interviewing Nicholas Sandmann

Image: Twitter


Even after ample footage of the events surrounding the Covington Catholic boys has been made available, the left-wing mob is still pedaling the fake news that the boys shouted racist slurs and harassed a Native American veteran.

NBC reporter Savannah Guthrie sat down with the student at the center of it all, Nicholas Sandmann, to get his side of the story. Leftists on Twitter did not take kindly to Guthrie’s interview with Sandmann, calling her an apologist for racism, and asking when she will interview African Americans shot by police.


Since they are convinced only they know the truth of what happened that day, many on the left feel they don’t need to listen to Sandmann explain what happened that day. The left-wing mob that is threatening this young man’s life does not want to give him any chance to defend himself publicly.

So what is their response to this interview? To boycott NBC, of course.

Guthrie’s original tweet announcing the interview has only 11k likes, but there are more than 47k responses from incensed liberals. 

The hashtag #BoycottNBC and #BoycottTodayShow can be seen in many of the responses to Guthrie’s tweet.


Among those leading the mob against Guthrie were blue-check-marked liberals, telling her she should be ashamed of herself for interviewing Sandmann.

The left-wing mob won’t be satisfied until this poor boy has his whole life ruined, and every media network acquiesces to their demands.

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