Jim Acosta Trolls Himself: Accidentally Proves the Border Wall Works

CNN loser Jim Acosta visited the US-Mexican border today in an attempt to discredit Donald Trump, after the President declared that a humanitarian crisis is taking place at our border.

Acosta noticed that there were no illegal immigrants crossing the border, and thought he finally proved the President wrong. He uploaded a video to his Twitter, proudly proclaiming that it was a very safe community with very few border crossings.

But there was one glaring problem. Acosta visited a portion of the border that already had a wall, instead proving that the wall does keep the community safe and reduce border crossings.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to mock Acosta for his mistake. Donald Trump Jr. was among those to laugh at Acosta.

In fact the President himself couldn’t resist taking a jab at Acosta.

Epic self-own.

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