“Conservative” Journalists Defend Man Who Threatened to Murder Pro-Life Woman

On Saturday, January 19th, Kaitlin Bennett did what few conservatives were brave enough to do and walked into the lion’s den known as the women’s march to see what was going on. A conservative woman strong in her beliefs, Bennett was met with vitriol and hatred from the intolerant left.

Bennett attended to see if a conservative woman would be welcomed, and unsurprisingly, she wasn’t. While at the march, Bennett was assaulted by a woman who attempted to break her camera equipment.

Bennett was also followed by male organizers throughout the entire duration of the march who would not leave her alone, despite her multiple requests for them to stop.

Despite being stalked and harassed through the whole march, Bennett persisted, and was the only conservative journalist on site to expose a church that opened its doors to Planned Parenthood and the infanticide rally.

Towards the conclusion of the rally, a young girl walked away from her father to approach Bennett since she had a microphone. Knowing the girl was exposed to left-wing, baby murder propaganda at the rally, Bennett used the opportunity to educate the girl and inform her that abortion is the number one cause of death in the United States.

The father didn’t take too kindly to Bennett informing his daughter that abortion is murder. After telling his daughter she has a right to one, he then says “I’ll abort you after term.” Bennett repeats this in shock, “You’ll abort me after term?” The father responds, “Yes, like late term abortion. You.”

Bennett then asks the man, “At a women’s march you just said you would murder me?” to which the man responds, “I’m not against justice.”

The video has already racked up more than 5 million views on Twitter, and the man has received praise from hundreds of thousands of leftists who are thrilled that he threatened to murder Bennett.

One tweet calling the man a hero for threatening to murder Bennett gained 90k likes, while responses that included quotes of the man’s threats received tens of thousands more.

A tweet from a girl who said “he is….a man” for wanting to kill Bennett received more than 235k likes, while a response from a woman who says she’s “here for” Bennett’s murder gained 7k likes.

Another woman got 81k likes on a tweet inferring the father told his daughter she has a right to kill Bennett. She followed up to her own tweet by threatening to murder Bennett if she ever sees her.

Virtue signaling “conservatives” then came to the defense of the father as well.

Conservative journalist Caleb Hull, who is the Director of Content for Targeted Victory, shared the video and said “Kent State gun girl just got rekt by a dad”.

Ironically, just a few tweets later, Hull wrote a tweet admitting to falling for the fake news surrounding the Covington Catholic boys, calling it unbelievable that the boys are getting death threats now. Meanwhile he mocks Bennett for getting threatened with death.

Jerry Dunleavy, an administrative assistant at Judicial Watch, signaled his virtue to leftists as well. Dunleavy lied and said Bennett harassed the girl who approached Bennett, tweeting “Kent State Gun Girl harassing a young child should be the end of her 15 minutes of infamy.”

Daily Wire writer and prominent pro-life activist Matt Walsh also took the side of the father, pedaling fake news in the process. Walsh lied to his followers, saying Bennett berated and yelled at the child. Walsh alludes that he too may have threatened to murder Bennett if he were in the father’s shoes, saying he “would not respond kindly to it.” Walsh accuses Bennett of not being a serious pro-life advocate for telling the girl that abortion is murder.

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