Church Kicks Out Pro-Lifers, Opens Doors to PPH During Women’s March

Image: Liberty Hangout




Thousands of angry feminists gathered in major cities across America today to celebrate the mass murder of the unborn and yell at the sky about President Trump for the annual Women’s March.

One such march took place in Cleveland, Ohio. A group of women spoke at a podium in Public Square before hundreds of liberals marched together down the streets.




The march’s final destination was at Old Stone Church, a rather odd host for an infanticide rally. The Presbyterian church founded in 1819 allowed the women to utilize their church to host the remainder of their speakers, and even let Planned Parenthood set up a table to hand out information and collect memberships.

Rev. Mark Eldred of Old Stone welcomed the rally with open arms, but was incensed by pro-life activists that questioned the Church’s motives. Eldred kicked out the pro-lifers, and eerily told reporter Kaitlin Bennett that he was okay with his church being an arm in their propaganda to kill baby’s.

Watch the crazy scene below: