Liberals Body Shame Conservative Woman for Photos With a Rifle

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The party of peace, love, tolerance, and women’s rights is now the party of body shaming. So long as the woman they are body shaming is a right-wing female, of course.

This past weekend, Kaitlin Bennett posted the following photos to Twitter, alongside the caption “Rifles and heels. My two favorite things”

The tweet gained over 16,000 likes in two days, but received an equal number of replies as well. Although liberals claim to be against body shaming and all for women’s empowerment, a quick scroll through the replies will reveal tens of thousands of hostile leftists body shaming Bennett.

Blue check-marked liberal William LeGate responded to Bennett’s photos by saying “she looks like an unthawed chicken.”

While conservatives like Laura Loomer are banned from the platform for “hate speech” for tweeting about an Islamic congresswoman’s anti-semitic sentiments, liberals like LeGate are welcome to bully conservatives like Bennett.

Billy Baldwin, the less successful brother of Alec Baldwin, also took to Twitter to body shame Bennett.

In a since-deleted post, left-wing rapper and blue check-marked liberal Elijah Daniels called Bennett “my raw turkey on thanksgiving before I put it in the oven.”

After deleting the tweet, Daniels proceeded to post Bennett’s photos side-by-side with a Thanksgiving turkey. Like LeGate calling Bennett “an unthawed chicken,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is perfectly okay with Daniels violating terms of service as well, so long as he is attacking a conservative.

And the definitely unbiased Twitter let more than 47,000 users like a tweet which said that Bennett has an “‘I ♥ Lil B’ built ass”. Users in the replies noted that the rapper Lil B liked the tweet.

Meanwhile these same leftists promote body positivity and acceptance of women who weigh hundreds of pounds.

Something tells me if Bennett weren’t a right-winger, the responses to her photos would be quite different.

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