NASCAR Represents Everything the Left Hates and That’s Okay

Image: SBNation

By Dallas Hansen

To get an understanding of just how much the left hates America and all it stands for, try attending a NASCAR race.

This uniquely American sport and its attendant culture carry so much that’s anathema to the left, the speedway ought to put up trigger warnings.

As you meander through the parking lot en route to the entry gate, you’ll pass a pop-up RV park with Confederate and Trump flags flying. And not just at Charlotte or Talladega—the Stars And Bars were well represented at the Kansas Speedway during the spring and autumn races I attended this year.

Once inside, you’ll find the day begins with an invocation—that is, a prayer—for the safety of the drivers and the fans, and it might just be performed by an active member of the military. Then the anthem—which, in my most recent experience, was sung by a Kansas City police officer.

Then the flyover, perfectly timed just as The Star-Spangled Banner winds down. You might see four A-10’s, maybe F-16’s or possibly even a B-2 stealth bomber. But a leftist will see a projection of imperialist power from a late-capitalist fascist regime.

And onto those most famous words in motor sports, “Drivers, start your engines!” Unfiltered hydrocarbons begin to spew loudly from at least 30 fuel-thirsty race cars at a rate of about 5 mpg once the green flag drops. A typical race weekend will add about 120,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide to the global warming problem.

Using binoculars from the grandstands, or watching the broadcast on your device, you might take notice of the Monster Energy girls whose fit, attractive bodies personify the sexist objectification of women in motor sports, or racing sports in general. Whereas bicycle racing has recently done away with the tradition of podium girls awarding cheek kisses to the winner, the use of cisgendered female examples of elitist beauty standards somehow manages to persist unchecked in the realm of NASCAR.

Maybe it has something to do with the fans. Nevermind that RV parking inside the oval might cost $2,000 per weekend, or that the RV itself might have been bought for six figures, let’s go with the assumption that NASCAR fans are uneducated, inbred, poverty-stricken rednecks that drink Busch Light at breakfast, and that the sport itself—consisting, for example, of 1068 left turns over 400 miles around the Kansas Speedway—is utterly insane.

That NASCAR fans are just dumb hicks is, among the left, just a generally accepted fact.

But like most leftist beliefs, upon further inspection this too falls apart. Arguably more so than the internet, the most important milestone in human technological achievement has been the birth of the motor car. Within a few short decades it completely changed how we live, work, commute and even how we design our cities.

For most of the population, a car is the most expensive, most complex machine they will own. Motoring is the acme of civilization. And a NASCAR—which is raced not only on ovals but also on road courses—is the most capable and impressive example of this unparalleled invention.

Beyond knowing the tactics and strategy, the die hard race attendee will bring a $250 scanner so as to eavesdrop on radio communications between drivers and spotters and the pit crew.

And you thought Lakers tickets were expensive.

Having made it this far, your typical SJW might be surprised to find that, despite the reverence for the Confederate Flag, the fan base isn’t quite as white or even as male as expected. African-American driver Darren “Bubba” Wallace enjoys widespread popularity, as does Mexican Daniel Suarez. Recently retired from NASCAR competition, IndyCar driver Danica Patrick is one of the most recognizable faces in any sport. A slew of young women, including 17 year-old Hailee Deegan, strive to become the next big thing.

Still, NASCAR itself has made accommodations to changing political tastes and years ago stopped using the Confederate Flag in any official capacity (even if they know better than to go so far as to prohibit it from speedway grounds) and has since 2004 implemented a “Drive For Diversity” program to attract women and minority drivers, pit crew, and fans—even as Chase Austin, a biracial driver with an African-American father, boycotted the program not wanting to be the beneficiary of affirmative action, while Danica Patrick herself as echoed similar sentiments.

That said, don’t look for any AntiFa flags flying in the RV park anytime soon. Even the most widespread diversity outreach won’t attract America’s haters.