Democrat Calls for Banning Semi-Auto Weapons and Nuking Those That Resist

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Earlier this May, Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) wrote an op-ed in USA Today calling for an Australian style ban on “assault weapons.”

In the op-ed, Swalwell stated, “We should ban possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons, we should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law, and we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy it by keeping their weapons.”

The op-ed made its rounds on social media today after former NYPD officer John Cardillo recirculated it on Twitter.

Conservative commentator Joe Biggs shared Cardillo’s tweets, lamenting that Rep. Swalwell’s op-ed is a call to war against gun owners.

Swalwell’s response to Biggs was nothing short of horrifying.

Political strategist Richard Armande Mills pointed out that Swalwell is not just an elected representative, but is a ranking member of a subcommittee on the CIA.

Swalwell contends that his tweet was just sarcasm, but doubled down on his belief that the government would stamp out any resistance to tyranny since this is no longer the 18th century and they have nuclear weapons.

Kaitlin Bennett responded to Swalwell’s tweet by saying this is why civilians should have access to all the same weapons as the government.

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