Trump is Winning: Prepare for a Red Tsunami to Hit Congress

Image: Vox

By Dallas Hansen

For President Trump, the third week of October began auspiciously. First, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a longtime irritant and a talked-up contender for the 2020 presidential race, bizarrely released the results of a DNA test intended to prove her Cherokee heritage but did in fact confirm the blonde-haired, blue-eyed career academic who benefited from affirmative action hiring at Harvard is, in fact, over 99.999% ethnically European.

The Internet promptly exploded with ridiculing memes and Tweets. Hilarity ensued. The Cherokee Nation released a statement describing her as “inappropriate and wrong.”

Hours later came the news that Michael Avenatti, the Creepy Porn Lawyer that had boasted he could win against Trump as he floated a possible 2020 presidential run, took an ignominious loss when his client, Stormy Daniels, had her defamation suit against Trump dismissed—with an order to pay his court costs.

So everyone who donated to Daniels’s GoFundMe had now effectively put money right back in Trump’s pocket.

Just days earlier, Trump had weathered another storm when his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, was successfully confirmed by the Senate and sworn in after robust attempts at disruption via a series of increasingly incredible sexual assault accusations—including some brought forth by the oleaginous Mr. Avenatti—an event that triggered a mini-mob of deranged leftists to pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court in an apparent last-ditch effort to preclude now-Justice Kavanaugh from taking his seat.

Besides bringing Trump a hard-fought win, the Kavanaugh debacle had the incidental effect of uniting a Republican Party fractious since Trump’s nomination in 2016, effectively killing what remained of the Never Trump movement.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who in early 2016 went on record describing Trump as a “kook,” and “unfit for office,” having previously been nicknamed “Lindsey Grahamnesty” for his support of President Obama’s executive action on immigration, became Kavanaugh’s staunchest defender in the Senate, declaring in an impassioned speech that the accusations against the nominee amounted to “an unethical sham.”

Even Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), a known moderate who had wavered about voting for Trump in 2016, ended up voting Yea for Kavanaugh.

Seemingly out of nowhere, gay Manhattan hairdresser, Brandon Straka, a Hillary Clinton voter, became the face of the #WalkAway Campaign upon releasing a viral video calling out Democrats for their hypocrisy and extremism. “Liberalism has been co-opted and absorbed by the very characteristics it claims to fight against,” he says. Having switched allegiance to the Republican Party, he’s inspired thousands to do the same, as clueless Democrats dismiss the phenomenon as the work of Russian bots.

But Trump’s biggest wins leading up to the November 6th Congressional midterms are, in fact, economic. With unemployment at 3.7% with 4.2% GDP growth, America’s engine is not just firing on all cylinders—it’s supercharged and running on race fuel. If Americans vote with their wallets, look for a Republican super-majority in 2019.