Liberty Hangout Managing Editor Censored By Twitter, Unhinged Leftists Roam Free

Image: BGR

The Managing Editor of Liberty Hangout, Joshua Speer, tweeted out a recent article he wrote calling for people to set aside their differences for now, stand together, and defend themselves against the angry leftist mob that is plaguing the country. Only to soon find out that the post had been targeted and his account suspended due to “abusive behavior”.

There is an obvious double standard here. There are countless examples of left-wing extremists condoning and/or calling for violence against right-wingers on Twitter, including our own Kaitlin Bennett. That seems to be okay, but Speer saying that we should crush the violent mob when they come after us is somehow not allowed?

This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with how the social justice warriors who run Twitter have traditionally responded to conservative and libertarian-leaning voices on their platform.

Let us recall the permanent banning of Milo Yiannopoulos in 2016 after his run in with actress, Leslie Jones. President Trump, who can partially attribute his 2016 victory to the use of Twitter in order to bypass the media and get his message across, called them out a few months ago on their own platform for “shadow banning” many prominent Republicans. He has also brought attention to the fact that millions of people are being silenced across various platforms.

One thing is clear: nothing is going to change. The only proper response is to apply the invisible hand of the market, and to find a platform that allows for the free exchange of ideas without the worry of censorship.