Cenk Uygur Can’t Stop Getting Destroyed in Debates and This Time It Was Against Tucker Carlson

Image: KGP TV

First, it was against Dinesh D’Souza, then it was against Ben Shapiro, and now this time it was against the Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Let’s face it: Cenk has a knack for getting intellectually smacked around in debates, leaving him to resort to low-ball tactics and half-wit truths. At the least, his third-grade level analysis of complex subjects usually arouses chuckles from his fans in the audience. Comedians such as Steven Crowder have parodied Cenk using his own language and mannerisms, which you can watch here, and FreedomToon’s impression of him was spot on as well, but they don’t call him the water buffalo for nothing considering how easily irritable he is.

The topic for the debate was over borders and the caravan of thousands of migrants from Central America, though many aspects were regarding the proper role of government with Cenk arguing for more government and Tucker arguing for less. Cenk’s overall line of reasoning is that immigrants have made America great, and therefore we should never restrict immigration, while Tucker’s view is that we have an obligation to the people of this country first and that the government’s job is not to subsidize people that don’t live here.

Even in the first few minutes, Cenk pulls out the “Hitler card” by mentioning that Jewish refugees were turned away during World War II; you can thank FDR for that who sat next to “Uncle Joe” Stalin on multiple occasions. He then goes on to inaccurately state that wages have been stagnant since 1978; actually, they’ve been stagnant since the early 70’s in the aftermath of the Smithsonian agreement when the last remnants of the gold standard were scrapped. Another ironic point he made is that “when we talk about culture, well America’s culture is not a unique culture; it’s by definition multicultural.” He then goes on to say that “look at all the thing we consider American…Pizza!” *insert his OF COUUUURSE sound bite here*

I urge others to watch the debate for themselves here so you make up your own mind, but it’s easily discernible that when Cenk starts losing a debate, he will raise his voice and attempt to attack the other person’s character.