PragerU Gets ‘Shadow Banned’ by Facebook in Latest Effort to Purge Conservatives

Image: Front Page Confidential

PragerU’s Twitter feed today has been blowing up with updates on their recent ban from Facebook for “hate speech”. They are joining the ranks with recently silenced conservative political commentators, such as Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes.

What was the “offensive” content in question? A PragerU video entitled “Make Men Masculine Again” by Allie Stuckey.

“Bad men don’t become good when they stop being men,” she dared to say.

Considering the left literally refers to men being men as “toxic masculinity,” it is obvious they would rather us be emasculated anyways. Videos that target a younger crowd and encourage the strengthening of men is against establishment interests.

See the video in question below or on their YouTube channel. They also tweeted earlier that it is important to join their email list if you would like to ensure that you never miss any of their content.

It is important we set aside any differences we may have and speak up about deplatforming and censorship now, or soon enough we’ll all be purged from social media and that will make distributing our content much more difficult than it should be in the digital age.

Joshua Speer

Joshua Speer is a student of international business at Eastern Kentucky University. His work as an author focuses on promoting socially conservative values, debunking leftist propaganda, exposing historical revisionism, and making the case for limited government.