New Center-Right Party Leader Wants Spain To Emulate California

Image: El Español

Article by Ángel Manuel García Carmona

The Spanish People’s Party, the main center-right party in Spain, elected young deputy Pablo Casado as the new president of the party at the end of last month. He is wanting to gain the support of young conservative-leaning people, but is he worthy of it?

Casado claims to be a “classical liberal” and lists Hayek’s The Road To Serfdom as one of his favorite books. He has proposed tax reform based on serious cuts. Daniel Lacalle, the director of Mises Institute for Hispanics, has even endorsed him.

However, he has claimed that “[his party] wanted Spain to become the European California, that apart from being competitive in tourism, agriculture and industry, we could lead as well in innovation, research and start-ups”. He has mentioned that he thinks this economic model would be a good fit for the southern region of Andalusia.

Andalusia is one of the poorest regions in Spain (as well as all of Europe), and it has an unemployment rate of 23.1 percent. Additionally, it is one of the least economically free regions in Spain. California is one of the most socialist states within the United States, with some of the biggest tax burdens and regulations in the country. Many companies and families are relocating to freer States like Texas.

Unless Casado has no idea what is talking about in terms of economics, it may be concluded that he is not the classical liberal he claims to be.