VIDEO: I Was Removed From ‘March For Our Lives’ Event for Asking About Armed Teachers

By Mark from the Triggered Millennials

Last night, on August 7th, 2018, the March for Our Lives: Road to Change tour made a stop at Universal Audenried Charter High School, in South Philadelphia. Among those on stage at the event was David Hogg’s sister, Lauren.

After persistently hammering the messagess of “A good guy with a gun is only adding to the problem” and “…adding more guns to a gun problem doesn’t fix anything”, the panel marched on towards their gun control agenda. At face value it, actually, sounded catchy—if you really tried. But then, why were armed guards in plain sight and undercover lurking in the, sadly-not-so-filled, dimly lit school auditorium? After the last of mind-numbing stump speeches appeared to conclude, the floor was finally open for ‘questions from the audience’.

Two younger members from the audience asked, “why do we not arm our teachers?” The staged question was answered with a long-winded, drawn out list of reasons why school children have a greater chance at winding up in the ‘prison chain system’ when exposed to their teachers and guardians actually… guarding. The panel was about to wrap up, before I asked if he may follow-up on the previously asked question. The panel yielded, but agreed.

“Your father was a police officer? Correct?” I asked.

“Yes”, answered panelist Jamal.

“And you never knew he had a gun. We’re not advocating the militarization of our schools… Why can’t we have former law police officers, who now want to teach, carry their gun to school with them?”

The panel’s reaction was unhinged.

A rehashed version of the same answer given to the previous two members of the audience was presented.

I attempted to interject and redirect the panel back to my original question, but the mic was ripped away from me and promptly shut off. Any response was effectively censored from the crowd’s attentive ears.

At that point, the panel doubled down on a topic they had already eluded to previously in the evening. They stated that arming teachers increases the chances of a teacher shooting students, for whatever reason, to dispute my opposing viewpoint.

I paused until after the last of the mind-numbing speech (not answer) was given, until one final attempt where I went to respond, with no mic, and was immediately grabbed from behind by an undercover security personnel. I was swiftly ousted from the ‘Town Hall’.

No further dialogue was allowed.

No further questions were asked.

The ‘Town Hall’ concluded immediately, with the faint odor of real fascism lingering in the air. Even worse, it was later uncovered that staff associated with the event, and community members of Moms Demand Action, were actively censoring the questions/ interactions with the panel during the ‘Town Hall’. Statements were made by these staff members to “go easy on them [panelists] with the ‘hard’ questions, they’re just kids.”

If these ‘activists’ aren’t old enough to answer the tough questions, requiring censorship to protect them, maybe they shouldn’t be on stage discussing the topic.

WATCH the exchange below:

This comes just weeks after David Hogg ran away from Liberty Hangout’s own Kaitlin Bennett in Tallahassee, Florida.

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